What is BSAMPLY?

BSAMPLY provides a collaboration platform, designed for fashion brands, offering the capabilities to manage the whole collection process flow: from the search to the purchasing of raw materials /SOURCE, to the selection of a Garment Maker for producing the collection /PRODUCE (coming soon), and the final sale to retailers /SELL (coming soon), The solution enables tracking the whole process in place among different players and can be integrated with all ERPs/ CRMs used in the fashion industry.

Using the bsamply.com platform, brands have access to 4 different features:

  • Three Showrooms where brands can /SOURCE raw materials, /PRODUCE collections (coming soon) and /SELL garments to retailers (coming soon), all three with public and private access depending on research and privacy requirements
  • An App to assist in the order and sampling process
  • A blockchain technology that will allow us to trace the entire supply chain process
  • An Integration pack-service allowing an automated data integration flow between the showroom and Brands’ internal ERPs/ CRMs

The technological innovation of the Silicon Valley meets tradition and creativity, allowing brands, suppliers, garment makers, and retailers to manage order processes both online, via bsamply.com, and offline using an app that digitizes traditional orders. Through our platform we want to solve the inefficiencies of a sector characterized mainly by offline processes and help the digitalization and digital interconnection between suppliers and customers, significantly reducing timing, costs and environmental impact.

Bsamply is bringing the fashion industry into the digital age 4.0

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