Yarn Trends for Fall Winter 2020 2021


 Yarn Trends for Fall-Winter 2020 2021 showcased at Yarn Tradeshows in Milan & Paris and based on the seasonal uploads of the Yarn suppliers on Bsamply.com we can tell that there is  a focus on sustainable materials. Alpaca, mohair, wool, together with recycled materials have vibrant colors for an impression that can stay towards yarns future. 


The trend colors of 2020/2021 have two main themes. One where you get the softness, natural easy and home relaxed influences. The other theme has bright, bold statements of both colors and prints. Political opinions influence fashion more than ever. These choices can give a message in fashion as well as the rest of the world. Number one on the list of sustainability is yarn dying in an eco-friendly way.

Six sections of colors for yarn trends Fall-Winter 2020/2021

There are six sections of color themes arboreal inspired by autumn and rich influences, Lagom the balance in the life of seasonless and simple genderless colors. Expression which are bold neon statement colors with statements that can affect the future. Breathe the words reflect itself natural, soft, luxury colors, for any and every occasion of the season. Nocturnal the total opposite, the darkness of the nights an influence of catchy and mysterious colours. Divine rich on point offers smoky colours, an exotic mix of toffee and berry crush colors.

Five sections of themes for yarn trends Fall-Winter 2020/2021

Aside from colors, patterns and prints are a known factor of yarn pieces, rebellious classic. Classical and traditional stripes with digital influences out of millennium generations. It also contains old with new technology, classical colors into check knitted yarns. Political patchwork is a mix of patterns and materials, graphic collages, patterns connected to important statements. Colorful, rich textures. The pattern combined to the theme of Breathing color palette is the total comfort patterns. Soft, comfortable, cashmere textures. Fury light prints, that can make anyone calm and collected. These knit pieces are designed for our inner peace more specifically the luxury of thinking about ourselves.

For the bolder one, there is digital blur. Urban sporty yarns inspired by streets and buildings in the foggy morning. Interesting and edgy prints from the lights to the metallic walls. Diversity in every piece. Mystical cable showed dark and rich prints, inspired by the imaginary world combined with old traditions. Cable details, thicker yarn details with silk and light edges. A perfect mix between the heavy and light yarn.



Yarn trends for fall winter 2020 2021

Yarn trends for fall winter 2020 2021

Colour palettes code and names

Arboreal– coming from rich shades of the autumn leaf- warm glow 2508, cross country 2345, bright Acer 2510, acorn 2503, pine log 2504, coffee 1650

Lagom- a Swedish word for balance in life, a seasonless- Spanish Harlem 1426, ink spot 1547, flame lily 1371, Dijon mustard 1537, forest walk 1541, lakeside 1546, urban khaki 1544

Expression – bright, bold neon colors, graphic design of expressions – Prom 4957, Bluetooth 5148, Mexican rose 5125, luminous lime 5144, pure white 5023, citronella 5145, ultra-orange 5143, rebel red 5149

Breathe– softness, naturals, luxury and cashmere that makes us relax- Parchment 6347, glass grey 6291, nectarine ice 6330, minted 6334, pink orchid 6331, petal blush 6328, lilac frost 6332, citron tea 6333, aqua wash 6335, khaki frost 6343

Nocturnal– inspired by the dark nights. Kapok grey 6259, moonstone 6260, Greenwich 1064, loden 1036, shimmering mist 1002, dark sepia 1058, heather smoke 1225, lapis 1011, dark slate 1167

Divine – rich and Smokey colors, luxurious and exotic. Berry crush 6339, guardsman 6021, golden glimmer 1001, burnt toffee 6301, magenta wine 6340, cooper glow 1004, forest fir 6183, electric violet 6341, vineyard 6023, pinot noir 6054


Source Yarn on Bsamply.com 

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